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Letter: Facebook shows that city firefighters are well-staffed

Editor’s note: According to Fire Chief Jb Moody, the SPFD is currently fully-staff for the first time since 2015, but staffing levels are still below the national minimum standard. 

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To the Editor-

I do not believe that firefighters in Stevens Point need more staff.

I like firefighters and believe they provide a valuable service to our community. I can’t imagine running into a burning building and they should be commended for their service.

But in February alone the department has eight posts on its Facebook page about new hires or promotions. They also have an awful lot of fancy videos showing that somebody at the fire department, or the city, has an awful lot of time on their hands.

I’ve read many stories in the local media where the chief talks about being so short-staffed but these posts on Facebook seem to contradict it.

While we live in Plover we own several rental properties in the city and we are not interested in having an increase in taxes again. The city’s population went down after the last Census and can’t keep bearing tax increases.

Roseanne Phile