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The Point/Plover Metro Wire was founded in November of 2017. The rapid erosion of the local news landscape drove many of the professionally trained journalists to larger cities or other industries entirely. But we are growing out of the desperate need for a local news organization.

Publisher Brandi Makuski began her career as a cub reporter for the Stevens Point Journal in 2004. She later founded the Stevens Point City Times and grew the publication to the largest print newspaper in Portage Co., Wis. Makuski now owns and publishes the digital Point/Plover Metro Wire, the only locally-owned and operated daily news source in the county.

As corporate buyouts and layoffs left the citizens of the Stevens Point/Plover area with less and less hands-on, in-person reporting, the Point/Plover Metro Wire staff organized to collect information and bring important local news and content to the citizens of Portage County, Wis.

With no corporate backing, the Point/Plover Metro Wire is financed wholly by online subscriptions and minimal but local advertising. Reporters are local and work hard, 24/7, to provide information vital to their readers.

We’ve cast a wide net for reporters, and our staff currently includes Patrick Lynn, a familiar name to longtime readers of the Stevens Point City Times, and Craig Marx, whose brilliant writing was a staple at the Antigo Daily Journal, and later, the Antigo Times. Longtime local journalist Lisa Pett is also a contributor, along with several other local writers.

Digital subscriptions cost $7.99 a month or $85 a year

Subscribers are supporting a locally-owned and operated news company whose sole mission is informing the public. These subscriptions help create local jobs, implement journalism education in local schools, and sponsor fundraising events for local organizations.

Questions or concerns? Call our newsroom at 715.310.3319

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