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Weekly WisDOT construction update

Metro Wire Staff

The North Central Region of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has announced updates on road construction projects taking place in 2021 on state and U.S. highways in Adams, Green Lake, Florence, Forest, Iron, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Marquette, Menominee, Oneida, Portage, Price, Shawano, Vilas, Waupaca, Waushara, and Wood counties.

Construction schedules may fluctuate pending favorable weather conditions and crew availability.

Shawano County

Highway: WIS 117
Location: Express Way to Mutzy Lane, Bonduel
Schedule: April 1 to July 12, 2024
Project description: This project will replace pavement, curb ramps to meet current ADA standards, the traffic signals at the intersection of County BE and WIS 117 as well as complete some watermain work for the village.
Anticipated work scheduled: Work to be done includes:

  • Crews will continue street preparations.

Traffic impacts (next 10 days):

  • WIS 117 will be closed from Express Way to South Street
  • WIS 117 will be closed from South Street to just South of County BE (Green Bay Street) starting April 29
  • Signed detour will follow WIS 29 between Bonduel and Shawano, WIS 55 between WIS 29 North to WIS 22, and WIS 22 between Shawano and Cecil (WIS 22/WIS 117 Intersection)

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis117-shawano/

Highway: WIS 47
Location: Outagamie County Line to WIS 29
Schedule: April 10 to July 2024
Project description: Crews will resurface the highway, upgrade guardrails, and install concrete approach slabs at existing bridge structure over the East Branch Shioc River.
Anticipated work scheduled:

  • Crews will be on site paving the highway from Wildlife Road to the north project limits.

Traffic impacts (next 10 days):

  • Single-lane closures with flagging operations at various locations throughout the project limits

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis47-shawano/

Oneida County

Highway: US 51
Location: Manitou Park to Minocqua Lake Bridge, Minocqua
Schedule: April 5 to July 18, 2024
Project description: Crews will replace the asphalt, and curb and gutter. Sidewalks will be reconstructed and installed on both sides of the road.
Anticipated work scheduled: Crews will:

  • Begin paving
  • Begin pavement removal in northbound lanes
  • Install erosion control devices

Traffic impacts: Beginning early during the week, traffic will switch to single bi-directional traffic in the southbound lanes between Manitou Park Drive and the Minocqua Lake bridge.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/us51-oneida/

*NEW* Highway: WIS 17
Location: Stevens Street to Pollyanna Road
Schedule: May 17 to October 2024
Project description: Crews will replace the asphalt pavement and curb and gutter.
Anticipated work scheduled: Crews will begin installing traffic control.

Traffic impacts: Motorists can expect reduced lane capacity down to one lane in each direction starting on May 17.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis17-oneidanorth/

Highway: US 8
Location: WIS 17 North to County P
Schedule: May 6 to Sept. 20, 2024
Project description: The project will include pavement replacement and intersection upgrades.
Anticipated work scheduled: Crews will be working on temporarily widening of the roadway and the reconstruction of US 8 and County P intersection.

Traffic impacts: Motorist will encounter single lane closures with the use of temporary traffic signals while work is ongoing.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/us8-oneidarhi/

Marathon County

Highway: WIS 13
Location: WIS 98 to County N
Schedule: April 11 to Sept. 27, 2024
Project description: Work includes completing concrete joint repairs and replacements, replacing the asphalt shoulders, replacing guardrail, inlet and manhole repairs as needed, new pavement markings and replacing curb ramps that are not compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act standards.
Anticipated work scheduled: Crews will:

  • Continue working on concrete repair/replacement areas in Spencer and Colby and on WIS 13 from Spencer to WIS 153
  • Start working on concrete repair/replacement areas in Unity

Traffic impacts:

  • WIS 13 northbound and southbound lane closures in Colby from County N to South Colby limits (approximately 0.5 Miles) and in Spencer from WIS 98 to LaSalle Street (approximately 0.5 Miles) from April 11 to June 21
  • WIS 13 northbound and southbound lane closures in Unity from 2nd Street to North Unity Limits (Approximately 0.5 Miles) from May 13 to July 26
  • WIS 13 closure with detour from Spencer to WIS 153. Signed detour utilizes WIS 153 and WIS 97. April 29 until July.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis13-marathon/

Wood County

Highway: WIS 54/WIS 73
Location: Swanson Road and Seneca Road, Port Edwards
Schedule: April 15 to July 2, 2024
Project description: Crews will replace the asphalt pavement, replace culverts, narrow the road way on Wisconsin River Drive, replace curb and gutter, and install curb ramps to make them ADA compliant.
Anticipated work scheduled: Crews will:

  • Continue pavement and curb and gutter removals on the east side of Wisconsin River Drive from Verbunker Avenue to Seneca Road. They will be replacing the concrete pavement with base aggregate material along this same stretch.
  • Continue to work adjusting the manholes
  • Be rough grading the curb ramp areas along Wisconsin River Drive and Letendre Avenue
  • Continue placing concrete for the curb and gutter and driveway aprons and begin setting forms and placing concrete for the sidewalk curb ramps along the west side of Wisconsin River Drive
  • At the end of next week and early the week of May 20, a railroad flagger will be on site. The work to replace the medians and asphalt paving near the railroad tracks will take place

Traffic impacts:

  • WIS 54/WIS 73 will be closed to thru traffic from Wisconsin River Drive to Seneca Road. Local access will be maintained for residents and businesses along this stretch of roadway. Thru traffic will be detoured using WIS 73 and WIS 13
  • WIS 54/WIS 73 from Port Road to Wisconsin River Drive will be open to traffic to access the various side streets, homes and businesses. Motorists may encounter shoulder closures and flagging operations
  • As the concrete curb and gutter and driveway construction proceeds down Wisconsin River Drive on the west side, residents can expect driveway access restrictions. Residents will be allowed to park on Wisconsin River Drive and any adjacent side streets during the concrete cure time

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis54-wood/

Highway: WIS 80
Location: Juneau County Line to WIS 173
Schedule: May 2 to August 2024
Project description: Crews will repave the road, repair several culverts and new curb and gutter in spots.
Anticipated work scheduled: Crews will:

  • Complete grading storm sewer out fall
  • Pour curb and gutter at WIS 173 , County X and the bridge structure
  • Pour concrete surface drains at bridge
  • Begin repaving

Traffic impacts:

  • WIS 80 will be closed to through traffic from Juneau County line to Necedah Road starting May 2.  A detour will be posted using WIS 173 to WIS 73 WIS 13 to WIS 21.
  • The WIS 173/WIS 80 intersection in Babcock will be closed to through traffic. The detour for WIS 173 will follow WIS 21 to WIS 13. WIS 173 will be open to traffic in either direction of the intersection but traffic will not be able to travel through the intersection.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis80-wood/

Marquette County

Highway: WIS 23
Location: 8th Court to Mourningside Court
Schedule: April 25 to Aug. 13, 2024
Project description: Crews will replace the pavement, widen the shoulders and replace culverts.
Anticipated work scheduled: Crews will continue replacing mainline culvert pipes on the project. Crews will also add topsoil, seed and add erosion control around the pipe replacement areas as they go. Crews will pave the roadway at culvert replacements.

Traffic impacts: There will be single lane closures with the use of flaggers. These lane closures will last the duration of the project.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis23-marquette/

Waushara County

Highway: WIS 152
Location: North Townline Road to County G
Schedule: Sept. 11, 2023 to May 23, 2024
Project description: Crews will repave the asphalt and replace deteriorating guardrail and pipe culvert.
Anticipated work scheduled: Finish paving driveways and sideroads. Install material for shoulders and non-asphalt driveways. Install permanent pavement markings.

Traffic impacts: Flagging operations will begin Friday April 29 and continue thru May 17.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/nc-wis152waushara/

Adams County

Highway: WIS 13
Location: North Street to Mound View Drive, Friendship
Schedule: May 6 to Oct. 15, 2024
Project description: This project will include concrete joint repairs and removing the existing concrete pavement surface and installing a new asphalt driving surface. Work will be completed on the existing curb ramps to bring them up to current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. New pavement markings and guardrail within the project limits will be installed as needed.

Anticipated work scheduled: Concrete removals will be taking place. Storm sewer install will occur. Concrete curb and gutter will be installed. Concrete sidewalk will be installed.

Traffic impacts:

  • The outside lanes of WIS 13 (Main Street) will be closed from North Street to West Street. Width restriction of 13 feet will be in place on WIS 13 through the limits of the project. The intersection of West 2nd Street at WIS 13 will be closed.
  • The parking lanes will be closed from West Street to County J (Lake Street).
  • Curb ramp closures will be in place on the west side of WIS 13 (Main Street) at West 6th Street, West 4th Street, and West 2nd Street. Pedestrians access will be maintained throughout the project using pedestrian detour signage.
  • Temporary traffic signals will be placed along WIS 13 between Mound View Drive and County J on Monday, May 20.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis13-adams/

Forest County

Highway: WIS 32
Location: County C to Forest Avenue
Schedule: May 20 to Sept. 13, 2024
Project description: The project consists of the rehabilitation of WIS 32 from County C to Forest Avenue. Work will include pavement removal, culvert pipe and storm sewer, curb and gutter, sidewalk, retaining wall replacement and asphalt paving.
Anticipated work scheduled:  Work to begin May 20.

Traffic impacts: Shoulder and single lane closures will start Monday May 20 for culvert and temporary pavement operations.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis32-forest/

Langlade County

*NEW* Highway: WIS 55
Location: Nine Mile Creek Bridge
Schedule: May 6 to Aug. 8, 2024
Project description: This project will consist of removing the existing culverts and roadway over Nine Mile Creek and constructing a new buried slab bridge structure and bridge approaches.
Anticipated work scheduled:  The contractor will continue with the construction of the temporary southbound bypass lane. This work will include erosion control, pavement removal, base aggregate placement and asphalt surface placement.

Traffic impacts: Traffic will be reduced to one lane and managed by flagging or temporary traffic signals. Traffic will be shifted to the northbound lane while a temporary bypass lane is constructed within the southbound lane.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis55-langlade/