Letter: Resident alarmed with county’s response to allegations

Editor’s note: Extensive discussion on the accusations against Mr. Peterson were conducted during a five-plus-hour meeting on Dec. 12, 2023, which has not been referenced below. The video link is here.

To the Editor,

I am writing to express deep concern over the recent actions of the Portage County Executive Operations Committee.

During the meeting on February 6, the committee swiftly passed a resolution addressing 28 verified Code of Conduct violations by Supervisor Dave Peterson without any meaningful discussion, raising serious questions about transparency and accountability.

Citizens voiced concerns during public comment, emphasizing that watching videos on how to run a meeting is not an appropriate response to the violations. Shockingly, despite acknowledging harassment of the female Water Resource Specialist, the committee failed to address it in their corrective action recommendations.

The meeting’s lack of discussion, refusal to consider amendments, and absence of any female representation further erodes public trust. The resolution’s passing, seemingly predetermined before the meeting began, signals a troubling pattern of cronyism and backroom deals.

The public deserves elected officials who prioritize accountability and transparency. The Exec Ops Committee’s actions have damaged the democratic process’s integrity. I urge a thorough investigation into this matter and a commitment to addressing citizen concerns, ensuring our community is served by representatives who genuinely uphold ethical standards.

You will find video recordings of the committee’s investigation and actions here: February 6, January 9, and December 12.

I encourage the public to view these videos and decide for yourselves if this committee is protecting the interests of Portage County citizens or Portage County Supervisors.

Patrick Quigley
Town of New Hope