Letter: Now is the time to support the health care center

To the Editor-

Portage County residents, now is the time to support the health care center referendum with a YES vote on April 5.

In 2018, when voters approved the previous referendum, it gave the health care center committee the breathing room it needed to do the requisite studies, generating voluminous reports from a variety of industry experts. All the necessary legwork is now done and the recommended result is for the county to build and fund a new facility. So yes, it’s finally time to make a lasting decision.

A yes vote means we’ll have a new building plus the money to operate it providing the same top-notch, five-star care we’ve come to expect. A yes vote will also mean we’re willing to put our money into continuing this legacy. Face it; no one is getting any younger. You or a family member may need skilled nursing care sooner than you think. We all deserve that care right here in Portage County.

So unless you’ve figured out a way to take it with you, maybe like me, you’re willing to see your tax bill go up a bit to preserve a 100-year heritage of skilled nursing care here at home.

If we fail to do this now, once the doors are closed, they’re closed forever. I’m not about to sit idly by and let that happen to this community so on April 5, I’m voting a resounding YES and I humbly ask you to join me and do the same.

Nancy Roppe
Stevens Point

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