Letter: Jacowski’s experience in classroom vital to county exec spot

To the Editor-

Matt Jacowski really stands out as the most qualified candidate for Portage County Executive. Please let me personally attest to why Matt is the best choice for us.

Being an educator, Matt works with kids and the families of our community every day. As a result, Matt’s experiences filter through the eyes of an educator. This brings an entirely unique, different perspective and depth to his qualifications for Portage County Executive.

As an educator, kids, families, and people come first. Matt performs as a leader, manages a classroom, relationships, listens to others, collaborates, makes critical decisions, problem solves, gathers information and budgets daily. These skills impact the growth and future of children. His emphasis is on caring for children and families while educating our youth and strengthening our families.

Strong families and an educated youth will offer prosperity and will enrich Portage County. Matt as a Career & Technical Education Instructor has a strong understanding of business, industry, and training a workforce for the future. We can’t afford to ignore this fact.

This is an enormous and important fact which separates Matt from his challengers. Matt is very knowledgeable of the current topics and issues facing the city and county as a Portage County Supervisor. Matt is in the trenches regarding local politics yet, remains focused on citizens. As a current county supervisor, he clearly possesses more experience than his challengers.

As a life long resident, Matt’s values are those of the citizens of Portage County. His commitment runs deep. His record of service to the community, along with his lifetime commitment to it demonstrates the commitment Matt will bring to the position. Matt will listen to the voters and taxpayer’s voices.

Matt is a parent, works full time as an educator, farms, helps students, Cub Scouts, and maintains his duties as an elected official. Matt stands out because of his years of broad experiences, community involvement, dedication, education, and vision for the future as a parent and educator.

Please join me in supporting Matt Jacowski on February 20, 2018. Vote Matt Jacowski!

Art Greco

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