Letter: Holman has ‘humility, acknowledgment of his shortcomings’

To the Editor-

Our first year market farming in 2015 was not easy, nor simple. But by July, we thought we had found our routine.

Our ‘97 Ford was not going to let us off so easy. Halfway to market (at 6:15 a.m. on Saturday), the muffler guard broke off and promptly flattened our back tire. With a van packed full of produce, we couldn’t reach the tire iron and the countdown to get to market was ticking. We made a phone call to our fellow farmers en route to Appleton. Chris Holman and his partner were 10 minutes ahead of us, but they made no hesitation to drive back and help us change the tire, so we all could get to market even though we would all be late.

I moved out to Portage County three years ago because of the invitation and opportunity provided by Chris and his partner to rent a few acres of land. Over the past three years, Chris has continued to demonstrate to me his ability to take decisive actions, his humility and acknowledgment of his shortcomings, and his selflessness in extending a helping hand.

Providing leadership and vision for our community does not require superficial programs or policies. It requires a genuine invitation and a willingness to work with your neighbors.

I have great confidence Chris Holman will extend these leadership qualities from his current community roles to the entire county and plan to vote for him this Tuesday.

Polly Dalton
Farmer, Business Owner
Stevens Point

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