Jeepers Gin Mill cleared for future expansion

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By Brandi Makuski

Plover officials have green-lit a request from Jeepers Gin Mill to expand its service outdoors.

The request, from Theresa and John “Jeep” Carponter, includes the extension of Jeepers’ liquor license into an outdoor seating area. The Plover Plan Commission approved the request on May 14, followed by the village board on May 16.

Community Development Director Richard Holden said the village allows alcohol consumption in outdoor seating spaces provided it is part of the company’s current approved liquor license.

Jeepers Gin Mill’s liquor license is up for annual renewal in June. The Carponters said they placed the request on their renewal application just to see if it was an option for the business—but they don’t yet have a timeline for the expansion.

“We just wanted to see if it was even possible,” said John Carponter. “Now that we know it is, we can look at what we might do.”

Theresa Carponter said future plans include a seating area on the building’s west side, along with outdoor lighting and an expanded menu, and may include landscape fencing to enclose the space.

“We had no idea it would be so fast,” she said of the approval.

Jeepers Gin Mill opened in 2001 and moved to its current location, 2529 Post Rd., in 2015.