Monday night ‘Buddy Berry’ Coed Softball League

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Monday, May 14 Results:

Sloppy Swats (1-0) 10 Team BAMF (0-2) 4.

Sloppy Swats: Four Hits: Brady Spees. Three hits: Jake Roy. Two hits: Taylor Gregorich, Beth Singer, Justin Smith.
Triples: Brady Spees (2). Doubles: Jake Roy (2), Jen Eggleston.

Team BAMF: Four hits: Graham Edwardson. Two hits: Steve “Scuba” Stroik, Christopher Ashland, Morgan Edwardson, Dillon Ksionek.
Home Runs: Graham Edwardson. Triples: Dillon Ksionek.

NOTE: Lakyn Lloyd provided music entertainment during the game.

Airport Bar (2-0) 14 Kim’s Barrel Inn (1-1) 10.

Airport Bar: Four hits: Adam Lee, Sue Gruba. Two hits: Garrett Karnowski, Meg Lee, Kyle Brooks, Kim Schmitz.
Home Runs: Adam Lee. Triples: Adam Lee (2). Doubles: Garrett Karnowski (2), Kyle Brooks, Tyler Mader.

Kim’s Barrel Inn: Two hits: Jesse Mata, Nic Dulmes, Jazmin Soto, Dalton Wriedt, Megan Pollack, Brad Kruger.
Triples: Jazmin Soto. Doubles: Jesse Mata, Megan Pollack.

NOTE: Amy Jo Ulrich (Bat-Girl) provided music entertainment during the game. The second game was played in the rain.

Monday League Standings:

Airport Bar 2-0. Kim’s Barrel Inn 1-1. Sloppy Swats: 1-0. Pointe Precision: 0-1. Team BAMF: 0-2.