Results from first two weeks of SPYBA season

Courtesy Stevens Point Youth Baseball Association

May 5, Opening Day:
9/10 League

Brewers vs. A’s
Brewers – 6
A’s – 4

Brewers Highlights:
Brewers – 3 hits: Dash Kvatek 2 hits: Isaac Yang, Ben Hopp, Max Lutgen
1 hit: Jaskson Staege, Kane Peterson, Easton Birginal, Vincent Sapa
Double: Easton Birginal

Tigers vs. Rangers
Tigers 1
Rangers 9

Tigers Highlights:
Roman Christianson, single.
Josh Czerneski 2 innings, 6 strikeouts. 1 hit 3 walks
Tyler Kluck 2 innings 6 strikeouts 1 hit 3 walks
Roman Christianson 2 innings 6 strikeouts 5 hits 3 walks

Orioles vs. Cardinals
Cardinals 0
Orioles 2

Orioles Highlights:
Hits of Orioles by Grady, Reid, Garret with 2.

Cardinals Highlights:
Cardinals, Calvin Roth 2x singles. Nolan a double,


Tuesday, May 7
9/10 League

A’s vs Rangers
Athletics 13
Rangers 9

A’s highlights:
2 hits: Connor Coey, Charlie Fairchild
2B: Charlie Fairchild

Cardinals vs. Brewers
Cardinals – 2
Brewers – 13

Cardinals Highlights:

Brewers highlights:
Brewers: 2 hits: Max Lutgen 1 hit: Vincent Sapa, Dash Kvatek, Isaac Yang, Kane Peterson, Jackson Staege

Tigers Vs. Orioles

Tigers 2
Orioles 8

Tigers Highlights:
One hit Roman Christianson

11/12 League
Tuesday, May 7

Cardinals vs. Brewers
Cardinals 12
Brewers 6

Cardinals Highlights:
Kyle Madlena Double
Dayden Koback Double
Ean Woyak Single

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