Letter: Young performer grateful for donation to Playhouse

To the Editor-

I would like to say “thank you so much” to First Weber Stevens Point for their donation of $7,420.50 to the Playhouse Theatre Group of Central Wisconsin. It was SUCH a nice thing to do!

There was a big fire at the Springs Church in Plover in March. The Springs kindly let Playhouse rehearse there and store most of our things there, too.

We lost almost everything we owned in the fire, including mic packs (what we use so the audience can hear us on stage). Thanks to First Weber, we can put this money toward new mic packs and other items we need to put on our shows.

I’m so grateful for your donation because Playhouse means a lot to me (and many others, too). This money will help us to keep performing the plays we love! First Weber Stevens Point- you are amazing people. Thank you for giving kids like me the opportunity to shine!

Odessa Turnquist, age 10

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