Letter: University employees no different from ‘common people’

To the Editor-

I was sorry to read Jean Edens’ opinion letter (March 28) with the complaint that UWSP personnel were over-represented on the Stevens Point Common Council. They were, after all, duly elected. And other folks, with other employers, are always welcome to run for the Council.

Much of Edens’ argument seems to center on resentment of public employees. She says “the common people” pay them. She ignores that university employees likewise pay taxes. She seems to resent particularly that university people get paid for being on the Common Council when they have full-time jobs, just as “common people” on the Council do, or at least can if they aren’t retired.

They are paid for the extra work.

She seems to believe that university people think alike, and differently from “the common people,” and do not represent their views. That is not necessarily so. University people certainly have a variety of opinions and disagree with each other about public policy, just like everyone else. Presumably, all on the Council aim to do what is good for the community although they may disagree among themselves on motions before the Council.

She accuses faculty members on the Council of being noisy and showy. I don’t know if that is true, but quite possibly they speak up and are articulate. That may seem a fault to her, but not to everyone.

Faculty and staff members and retired faculty like me pay taxes and spend money in this town just like other citizens. We all live here. We are not opponents except when running for election.

I am sorry to see this Town vs. Gown view expressed in our community.

Nancy N. Moore
Stevens Point

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