Letter: Student rallies for Jacowski

To the Editor-

I am a 2017 Stevens Point Area Senior High School graduate. I have been in this district since kindergarten at Kennedy Elementary and attended Ben Franklin Junior school.

While I was at Ben, one of my teachers was Mr. Jacowski. Now I don’t want to get political here—I only want people to understand what kind of person he is. He was my Technology and Engineering instructor for welding, wood working, engineering, and overlooked my study hall.

From day one he showed authority in his voice and actions which made me a bit nervous at first because it was my first year in middle school. But as classes went on many of my friends and I realized he was a kind and caring teacher that treated everyone fairly.

He kept a respectful and professional attitude towards us no matter what situations occurred in class. He was and is very helpful towards his students and the other teachers. As the years went on I stayed in touch with him and have seen him around at local events, every time getting a big “How ya doing!?” and a hand shake.

In his community he is widely known and volunteers at many events. He is always willing to get his hands dirty if it means the finished product will be completed on time.

I respect him and hope you join me in voting for Matt Jacowski for Portage County Executive.

Baylor Braatz
Town of Carson

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