Chris Holman at a Feb. 8 candidate forum. (Metro Wire photo)

Letter: Holman will bring common sense to county leadership

To the Editor-

This election for Portage County Executive is a tipping point, where we will either move forward on a new path or continue with the status quo.

The candidate with the longest history of serving in leadership positions and being the person making important decisions is Chris Holman.

Chris has leadership experience at the local, state, federal and international levels. He sees and understands the big picture, putting agendas and biases aside. He thinks critically about the issues, and he is not afraid to speak the blunt truth to people. That type of honesty is hard to find in politics. It’s also hard to find someone who thinks outside of the box and recognizes when decisions need to be made.

Chris has clearly demonstrated that he will have the county staff’s back. He also understands the authority of the position and the subtleties of how to effectively use that authority. I want someone who will provide everyone at the county with leadership that empowers them to do their job. Leadership that, as we heard at the last forum, they don’t currently have. We know this because, year after year, we see the same issues facing the county.

The lack of progress and ability to make a decision has kicked difficult issues down the road to the point where, now, there are very few options left. Resolving them will come at a higher price to taxpayers, as we’ve mostly ignored the studies we’ve spent incredible sums of money on and precious time has ticked away.

Chris knows how we have come to this point, and being neither a part of the current county executive office nor the Portage County Board, he is the right choice for county executive. As a newcomer to county politics his knowledge and experience will deliver outcomes, and we need them—and Chris—more than ever.

Vote for leadership and a fresh start on February 20th! Vote Chris Holman!

Cindy Davis