Letter: Isherwood cousin supports Jacowski

To the Editor-

I farmed alongside my cousin Donald (Justin) Isherwood, he used to be a respected member of our community but something has changed.

Justin Isherwood has started to do things just to draw attention to himself and start fights between friends, neighbors, and even family. In a letter dated February 2, 2018 Justin attacked me and a longstanding pillar of our community, the late Donnie Hamerski calling us; “jealous, petty, cock-sure, and not well-read”.

Justin did this to the Hamerski Family, whose farm was just given an award from the Portage County Business Council for being “advocates of the agri-business industry and have shown outstanding commitment and passion towards agri-business in our community.”

The Portage County Board needs individuals that are for the better of the community and not someone like Justin that drives a wedge between people.

Justin is running on a single issue to help only himself while not caring about Portage County taxpayers as a whole. This is why I support Matt Jacowski for District 22 Supervisor. Please vote Matt Jacowski on April 3.

Jim Isherwood