Letter: Gebert has background in infrastructure, planning

To the Editor-

As we have witnessed in recent elections in various states throughout the country, your vote counts.

On April 3, your vote for county executive should be for Jami Gebert.

Jami has served the community in several capacities throughout the years I have known her. She knows the importance of long-term fiscal planning and the county’s infrastructure.

Whether that means proposing the Portage County healthcare survey to help discover what the citizens of the county want in a public care center or being involved in future construction planning for the revision of the County-City Building, Jami is involved.

Jami wants what we all want: a beautiful, fiscally sound county with a strong workforce and access to clean and healthy water resources.

Jami’s eight years working directly with the current County Executive, County Board and County Department heads has given her the knowledge needed to move into this position with ease. Please join me in voting Jami Gebert, County Executive.

Bonnie Groshek