Letter: Dalton can bridge gap between ideas, solutions

To the Editor-

As a new homeowner in the City of Stevens Point, the political direction of our city is of utmost importance to me.

Unfortunately, my very first season of home ownership held some disheartening interactions with Stevens Point’s staff and city council, revealing a deep-seated service of the status quo over the citizens.

Fortunately for action- and solution-driven community members, Polly Dalton is running for Alderperson in District 9.

I am supporting Polly Dalton because of her experience as an Appleton Alderperson, where she effectively bridged the gap between ideas and solutions; between citizens and representatives. I am supporting Ms. Dalton because she listens wholeheartedly to citizen concerns, and offers common-sense, ground level solutions.

I am supporting Ms. Dalton’s dedication to 100 percent renewable energy use for the city fleet and facilities by 2040; intentional community housing policies; overnight alternate side parking; zoning code modernization; and neighborhood development based on neighborly connection, ease of resource access, and citizen-generated solutions.

Mostly, though, I am supporting Ms. Dalton because I have worked with her and witnessed firsthand her drive, passion, and ability to turn ideas into action.

Working closely with a small group of concerned citizens, Ms. Dalton started the Curbside Compost Program, offering our community a cutting-edge, sustainable avenue for waste disposal.

Ms. Dalton is not afraid of action, nor is she afraid of change. She’s got the will, perseverance, and experience to address our current needs, and she is exactly the alderperson that Stevens Point needs today.

Lee Bartnik
Stevens Point

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