Badger Sheriff’s Association urges calm across state

Metro Wire Staff

In the wake of Capitol riots on Jan. 6, a group of sheriffs from across Wisconsin is asking for calm ahead of next week’s presidential inauguration.

In a Jan. 14 news release, the Badger State Sheriffs’ Association said it hopes anyone who feels the need to vocalize concerns or to attend a protest, does so peacefully.

“Please remember that we, as law enforcement have a sworn duty to enforce the law,” said Sheriff Nate Dreckman, president of the BSSA. “If you step outside of the law, there will be consequences; however, we will also protect everyone’s constitutional rights.”

Dreckman said that citizens who exercise their constitutional right to carry and bear arms do so with “discretion, care, and common sense,” and he asks everyone to use caution.

“Be mindful that you may not know who you are standing next to during a protest,” Dreckman wrote.

Wisconsin sheriffs are committed to maintaining peace in their respective communities, he added.

“We ask everyone to do their part to ensure that constitutional rights are protected, and it is done so in a peaceful and orderly way. Please don’t be the reason that your sheriff needs to take action.”