State offers guidance for reopening businesses

Metro Wire Staff

State leaders are offering guidance for businesses that are reopening, or preparing to reopen, amid the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep employees and customers safe.

A “best practices” and safety guide has been developed by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, input from Health Services, Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and Tourism departments; as well as industry experts and associations.

Evers closed numerous types of businesses across the state under his Safer at Home order, an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, issued in late March. That order has since been extended to May 26 but is being challenged in the state Supreme Court.

A series of practices have been published to help guide 15 common industries around the state, but general guidelines include:

  • Making sure sick employees don’t come to work
  • Eliminating business travel wherever possible
  • Working from home when possible
  • Ensuring employees have access to sanitizers and personal protective equipment

Along with the extension, Evers announced his “Badger Bounce Back” reopening plan which loosens restrictions in phases based on the state reaching certain benchmarks.

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