POTD: Prepping for an icy rescue

Metro Wire Staff

Hull Assistant Fire Chief Nicholas Proulx, left, tows in his firefighter brother, Jeremy, during a training event on Dec. 9.

The Hull Fire Department held nighttime ice water training on Wednesday night, an exercise to give the department’s volunteer firefighting force a refresher in using Mustang survival suits. The waterproof suits are used during an ice water rescue to help keep firefighters dry and warm.

Proulx said early- and late-season ice are the most dangerous for those who venture out on the water bodies during the winter, largely because the thickness of the ice can be deceiving.

“We found about three inches thick in some spots, but it’s not very good ice,” he said Wednesday night. “I’ve seen people out on the ice, fishing, already. So we’ve got to be ready.”

Hull FD has a larger ice water rescue training event planned for February, Proulx said.

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