People’s Maps Commission seeks public input on map-drawing process

Metro Wire Staff

The Wisconsin People’s Maps Commission (PMC) announced this week a new public input portal seeking information from the public

at portal.wisconsin-mapping.org. Wisconsinites are encouraged to submit maps of their communities, redistricting plans of their own, and written comments to guide the work and recommendations of the PMC.

“We’ve said all along that these maps should be drawn with input from Wisconsinites across the state,” said PMC Chair Chris Ford. “After months of testimony from folks in nearly every corner of the state, we need the same kind of turnout for the map-drawing process. Having direct feedback from communities will help us draw fair, impartial maps.”

Submissions to the portal will be used to draw maps that fit the PMC’s map-drawing criteria, found here. All submissions will also be published on the portal, providing transparency in the map-drawing process. Public input is crucial to create fair maps for Wisconsin.

The People’s Maps Commission was formed in January 2020 following the issuance of Executive Order #66 by Governor Tony Evers. The PMC members are residents of Wisconsin and were selected to ensure representation from across all of Wisconsin’s eight congressional districts.

Every 10 years following the U.S. Census, district maps dictating the lines for congressional seats, state senate seats, and state assembly seats are redrawn based on the population distribution or apportionment, of the Census. The apportionment of people throughout the state also determines how to prioritize resources for roads and bridges, schools, and healthcare systems.

At least 55 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties encompassing approximately 80 percent of Wisconsin’s population have passed resolutions or referenda supporting nonpartisan redistricting. According to a Marquette University Law School Poll, more than 70 percent of Wisconsinites prefer to have redistricting conducted by a nonpartisan commission.

For more information about the PMC and their work, visit wisconsin.gov/peoplesmaps.

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