New Plover business focuses on healthy living

By Brandi Makuski

Forty-two is a special number for Kelly Weekly.

The Plainfield resident said it was a number her late father used to exaggerate things when he wanted to play a trick on Weekly as a child. It was a number that eventually played a central theme, in his honor, at her new Post Rd. health club.

“It was a running joke,” Weekly said as she sat in the cafe area of her club, which has the feel of a futuristic soda bar mixed with a WiFi cafe. “He would call out, ‘Come look, there’s 42 ducks on the lawn!’ and there would turn out to be only three.”

Working that number into her business’ name turned out to be kismet, as Weekly said she was able to play on the word “fortify” by inserting the number “42”. And so, the moniker “42Fi” was born.

The business opened in November, and Weekly said the club is busy almost daily.

“It’s been amazing; it’s my dream come true,” said Weekly, who added her father was also the inspiration behind the angel wing in the company logo, as well as her own physical transformation, when she dropped 74 pounds. Now, Weekly said she wants to help others make similar healthy lifestyle changes.

“I was depressed after my dad died, and I would comfort myself by eating,” she said. “So I found a nutrition club and had my very first protein shake, and from then on, the pounds started to come off. I felt like I was coming out of that dark place and I got excited; something was finally changing for me.”

Sporting a 25-percent-reduction in her own body fat, Weekly – who was trained at Revive in Downtown Stevens Point— said the key is a balance between good fats, physical activity and an increase in protein consumption. With fun flavors like “Cram-bam Thank You Ma’am” and “I Licked It So It’s My Candy Cane,” Weekly said 42Fi’s protein shakes come in flavors for just about every taste.

The club also offers energizing teas, and healing aloe—which comes in frozen cubes that can be either added to a tea or drank via what Weekly calls a “healthy shot” offered in Raspberry, Mango and Mandarin Orange flavors.

The company also offers complimentary coaching for those interested in a lifestyle change. Weekly will create a free metabolism profile for anyone who requests it, taking physical measurements of the body, and measuring muscle and fat indexes. She inputs those figures into a predetermined formula used to determine a customer’s protein needs, and takes new measurements on each client’s visit.

“It’s based solely on your goals, so it’s completely customized, and it’s really inspiring to see those numbers change,” she said. “I’ve worked with people from all walks of life…housewives, business people, even athletes from UWSP.”

The fee for a shake, tea and an aloe shot is $8 per day, with other options offered depending on each client’s needs.

Weekly said the business plans to add fitness camps, yoga and Zomba classes, and other group events in the future.

“My main mission in building this was to bring people a positive, uplifting place to come,” she said. “Because out there, there’s a lot of negativity. People come for an alternative to an unhealthy lunch, and they get something that’s better for them here.”

42Fi is located at 1605 Post Rd. in Plover and can be reached on Facebook or by phone at (715) 997-9442.

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