New junior historian program opens for grades 3-5

Metro Wire Staff

The Portage County Historical Society has announced a new program geared towards students in grade school.

The new Junior Historian program, geared at students in grades 3-5, provides an opportunity for young people to learn the history of Portage County, Wisconsin, and the United States.

The objective, according to a press release from PCHS, is to develop future historians and make learning history fun. Junior members will also learn to respect the local history, and learn how they can continue its preservation and historical interpretation.

Membership includes fun, age-appropriate activities, and semi-annual events for students, organized in part by local craftsmen, archaeologists, genealogists, researchers and the PCHS.

Junior Historian members receive a t-shirt, an activity book related to local historical sites, along with full membership in the PCHS, and actively work towards preserving local history.

Each junior member also receives a historical site passport, which will be stamped at each historical location the member and their family tours. Members who complete their history passport will receive special recognition and a reward, according to the release.

Yearly membership in the PCHS Junior Historian program is $15. Parents can register their student here.