Monday night Bud Berry coed softball

By Tim “Shoe” Sullivan

All games at Moore Barn Memorial Park across from Doug’s Sports Pub, Monday, July 2.

5:45: Pointe Precision (3-2) 7 Team BAMF (0-6) 6

Pointe Precision: Three hits: Amber Hintz. Two hits: Melissa Dombrowski, Mike Mancl, Anna Mally, Ryan Schnese.

Doubles: Ryan Schnese (2), Mike Mancl.
Triples: None.
Home runs: None

Team BAMF: Two hits: Kari Thompson, Brad Ashland, Katie Steinbach, Lakyn Lloyd.

Doubles: Jake Bailey.
Triples: None.
Home runs: None

NOTE: Team BAMF lost its second thriller in a row after losing to the Sloppy Swats in extra innings a week earlier.

NOTE II: This time, the game was tied at 6-6 as Precision came to bat in the bottom of the seventh. Ryan Schnese led off with a double. With one out, Schnese went to third on Jared Shilka’s groundout. Two outs…winning run on third. Amber Hintz came up and hit a little squibbler in front of the plate. BAMF pitcher Christopher Ashland had some trouble picking up the spinning ball and Amber made it safely to first base as Schnese crossed home plate with the winning run.

NOTE III: It was the worst humidity and hottest day of the summer. Everyone was dragging out there.

Winning pitcher: Kyle Norwood.
Losing pitcher: Christopher Ashland.
Umpire: Jesse Higgins.

Airport Bar (6-0) 13 Sloppy Swats (3-2) 2.

Airport Bar: Three hits: Garrett Karnowski, Robby Armatoski. Two hits: Adam Lee, Sue Gruba, Richard Blue.

Doubles: Garrett Karnowski.
Triples: Abby Rottier, Richard Blue
Home runs: None.

Sloppy Swats: Two hits: Brady Spees, Pat Scheele, Matt “Taco” Barden.

Doubles: Brady Spees.
Triples: None.
Home runs: None

Winning pitcher: Robby Armatoski.
Losing pitcher: Pat Scheele.

NOTE: The game was called by the 10-run rule. It was played in scorching heat and humidity.

Kim’s Barrel Inn (2-4) had the bye.

League Standings: Airport Bar: 6-0. Pointe Precision: 3-2. Sloppy Swats: 3-2. Kim’s Barrel Inn: 2-4. Team BAMF: 0-6.