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Letter: Taxpayers are being held ‘hostage’ to fund overpaid educators

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To the Editor-

Is it a good idea to acknowledge greed and act to end it? Should the Great American Middle Class of Portage County, Wisconsin recognize that we are financial slaves for the local government and end it?

We, the hostages, pay outrageous salaries for education leaders who graduate less than good citizens who are unable to read, perform arithmetic, write, spell, think, speak, and explain how a bill is passed in the legislature. Why do many of them deserve nearly $200,000.00 dollars annually?

We, the hostages, were told by AECOM that the main road needed rebuilding to slow traffic and the 2010 city administration told homeowners to relocate from Division Street. Fortunately, they were unable to prove the “Necessity of Taking,” which meant their endeavor did not qualify for eminent domain action.

For 14 years, we, the hostages, insisted that we keep the corridor as four lanes for cost and operational reasons. Why should we fix a road that works?

These are the greedy, hard left, pseudo intellectual socialists. The American Patriots are ready to defeat them on Tuesday, April 2, 2024. Our warriors stand for everyone’s God given rights, respect of the people’s will, common sense, and our Constitution.

Vote for Mark Hemmerich, District 3, County Board Supervisor, and Craig R. Tesch, District 2, City Alderman. Thank you.

Jean C. Edens
Stevens Point