Letter: Some in Park Ridge ill-informed about village history

To the Editor-

It is interesting to learn that Mr. Myers, a Park Ridge resident for two years is proud to be a member of Village Voices. However, after attending two village board meetings “it almost felt like politics.”

When two disgruntled former village employees set out on a vendetta it becomes politics: Misinformation is disseminated and history ignored.

Several years ago a referendum was held on the question of retaining our fire department. The majority voted in favor and expected prompt action as the topic had been under discussion for nearly 20 years.

Under the administration of Trish Baker progress was slow-walked month by month (see meeting minutes). I was there. How many postponements were attributed to the need to see Corey Ladick, a city official? Our knowledgeable fire chief was ordered to talk with no one (her gag order), a publicly announced open house allowing the public to view the facilities was canceled at the last minute. Soon thereafter she quit.

A number of we old-timers encouraged ethical people to seek vacant offices. Steve Bergin and Gertrude Neuendorf stepped in to carry out the voters mandate to bring our fire department into the 21st century. Then-President Bergin’s letter, sent to all village residents in the spring, addressed Mr. Myer’s question about the half-million-dollar fire department building as well as other tax-related issues such as the impact of out-sourcing our fire department will have tax consequences in perpetuity.

It appears that Mr. Myers, who has communicated with others as professionals, has not spoken with our very professional fire chief (now free of the Baker gag order) or anyone knowledgeable of how volunteer and municipal fire departments work.

Nancy Whitmire
Park Ridge resident since 1958

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