Letter: Ron Kind throws support behind Lukas

Editor’s note: Rep. Kind is not a county resident and therefore cannot cast a vote in the sheriff’s race. 

To the Editor-

As your U.S. Representative, I have had the privilege of serving you in the United States House of Representatives. Throughout my years in Congress, I have worked hard to ensure the people of the 3rd Congressional District’s voices were heard. Especially when it came to community safety and security.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sheriff Mike Lukas, who also cares deeply about the safety and security of all the people in Portage County. That is why I am endorsing Sheriff Lukas to continue the work he has started and completed over the past eight years.

Mike has shown tremendous leadership in his role as sheriff. From adding Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Service divisions to the sheriff’s department to securing millions of dollars in grants and donations. Most recently, Mike worked with me to secure a federal grant through the Community Project Funding initiative. This grant was over $600,000 to outfit Portage County deputies with body cams and their squad cars with dash cameras. Mike understands the importance of not only keeping the men and women in his department safe but the public’s safety as well.

I have seen Mike’s commitment to the safety of his community when the 980 violent sexual offenders were trying to be placed in the county. Mike contacted my office as well worked with other leaders in the community and state to make sure Portage County residents were notified. This is the type of leadership and experience we need and expect in a sheriff.

Please join me in supporting and voting for Sheriff Mike Lukas on Tuesday, Aug. 9.

U.S. Representative Ron Kind, Wisconsin’s 3rd District