Letter: Property owner concerned over city council’s ‘whining’

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To the Editor-

Did you watch Monday night’s city council meeting? If not you missed out on a good example of why this city council is bad for the city.

The alders complained a lot last night but didn’t seem to understand they have no authority over the police department. Apparently, they are frustrated and angry that (former) Police Chief Marty Skibba received any punishment short of a public beheading.

Some of the alders acted like they should have been the ones holding the ax, and then have the pleasure of informing the public that they saved the day.

I’d heard rumors about the city council but assumed they were based on sour grapes or uninformed persons. I only recently became a property owner in the city but I’m already concerned about who is representing the public.

Last night I heard a lot of whining over having a lack of power. I also heard a lot of self-congratulations and bloated comments that had nothing to do with making positive changes in the city. I also heard a lot of uninformed remarks about the council’s actual authority. Where did these people come from? And why aren’t citizens stepping up to speak out?

I ask you, what purpose did last night’s conversation about the PFC serve? I mean, other than making alders “feel better?” And when did personal feelings become an overriding factor to common sense, efficient government?

Roseanne Phile
Plover resident, Stevens Point property owner

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