Letter: Isherwood the wrong choice for District 22

To the Editor-

Justin Isherwood, candidate for Portage County Board Supervisor District 22, would like the public to view him as a contemporary Aldo Leopold, demonstrating a “conservation ethic for healthy land and water.”

He travels the countryside, touting his heroics as a champion of the earth. Meanwhile, on his farm at the intersection of Hwy. 54 and County J south, industrial sludge is being applied to frozen fields, barren of any cover crops or protective vegetation, primed to move downstream with the spring thaw or first heavy rain of the spring season.

This is all happening adjacent to the headwaters of Keene Creek, a Class 1 trout stream.

Instead of promoting himself as the environmental police, Mr. Isherwood should reexamine his own practices. District 22 doesn’t need a Supervisor who uses smoke and mirrors to woo voters. It needs honesty and integrity.

On April 3, please vote Matt Jacowski for District 22.

John Ruzicka

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