Letter: If politics, sexuality, are so important, elected officials should disclose

To the Editor-

We, the people, have the right to know the background, race, qualifications, religious, and political affiliations of our elected leaders.

The common council forges our future by creating agendas, projects, and spending our tax money which obligates every alder[person] to give us the courtesy of introducing themselves.

The Stevens Point city website lists 11 alderpersons’ names and the districts they represent. Most have shared their backgrounds with us: Tori Jennings District 1, David Shorr District 2, Mykeerah Zarazua District 4, Meleesa Johnson District 5, Mary Kneebone District 7, Polly Dalton District 9, and Shaun Morrow District 11. May Ginger Keymer District 3, Jeremy Slowinski District 6, Thomas Leek District 8, and Keely Fishler District 10 also present a positive reflection of themselves to current and prospective citizens.

Not one of the 11 alderpersons has shared their race, religious, and political affiliations. Voters need to know if racial and religious diversity is being represented on the common council.

It is critical to know the political beliefs of our alderpersons. What tenets do they hold as communist, Marxist, Nazi, socialist, leftists, democrat, progressive, republican, libertarian, conservative, constitutionalist, John Bircher, and more?

Trusted alderpersons fearlessly declare who they are, what they represent, and what political affiliations they embrace to help voters respect and trust them. Please help us see the world from your point of view by sharing on the Stevens Point city website.

Jean C. Edens
Stevens Point

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