In unusual move, mayor announces seats up for reelection in spring

By Brandi Makuski

Three department heads and a majority of the city council are up for grabs in April’s municipal election.

In an unusual move by a sitting mayor, the announcement for the spring election came on Friday from Mayor Mike Wiza’s office. Election information is typically announced by the city clerk’s office and without personal comment.

Council seats in odd-numbered city districts are up for reelection in the spring. Current officeholders Tori Jennings (District 1), Cindy Nebel (District 3), Meleesa Johnson (District 5), Mary Kneebone (District 7), Polly Dalton (District 9), and Shawn Morrow (District 11).

Also on the spring ballot are the offices of the city clerk, city attorney, and comptroller/treasurer.

All of the positions are nonpartisan.

“Stevens Point has been actively trying to get more people involved in their local government,” Wiza said in his press release. “Transparency, access to participate and diversification have been driving forces to that end.”

Interested candidates can begin circulating their nomination paperwork on Dec. 1. Positions on the city council require a minimum of 20 verified signature from eligible voters in their district. For the citywide positions of clerk, attorney, and comptroller/treasurer, a minimum of 200 verifiable signatures from city residents is required. The paperwork is due at the city clerk’s office by Jan. 5, 2021.

“What I really hope for is candidates who want to help their neighborhood [sic] and make our community better,” Wizs said. “You don’t need any special degree or background, just a desire to listen and act on behalf of your district.”

Anyone interested in running should contact the City Clerk’s Office at 715-346-1569 or visit https://stevenspoint.com/107/Elections-Voting for more information.

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