Grant sparks major renovation of IT programs at Mid-State

Metro Wire Staff

Mid-State is overhauling its IT developer program, thanks to a large grant from the Wisconsin Technical College System.

The $750,000 grant from WTCS will help MSTC make “significant upgrades” to its IT Software Developer program to meet the needs of local employers.

According to a news release from Mid-State, improvements include “a more collaborative, student-centered teaching environment”, along with the ability to connect IT classrooms across multiple Mid-State locations.

“The technology and equipment upgrades are also helping the college expand its evening offerings and begin to develop classes for delivery online,” the release said.

The overhaul is the result of requests from local businesses to expose students to the collaborative, flexible work environment today’s IT software developers and technicians work in, as well as important “soft skills” like communication, teamwork, creativity and time management.

Over the course of the 2016–17 and the 2017–18 academic years, Mid-State will receive the full $750,000 to purchase new equipment and hire faculty and lab assistants.

“This grant ensures that our IT classrooms produce real-world experiences for our students, truly preparing them for success as soon as they enter the workforce,” said Brent Presley, information technology instructor in Mid-State’s IT Software Developer program.

Mid-State’s IT programs include Business Analyst, IT Computer Support Specialist, IT Network Specialist, IT Software Developer, Microsoft System Administrator and, new this fall, IT Security Specialist.

Visit www.mstc.edu/programs for more information.

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