Evers seeks applicants for Portage Co. Circuit Court judge

Metro Wire Staff

Gov. Tony Evers is seeking applicants for Branch III Judge in Portage Co. Circuit Court.

The appointment will fill a vacancy created by Judge Thomas T. Flugaur’s resignation, effective Dec. 4. The new judge will complete a term ending July 31, 2022.

To apply, please email a completed application form and supporting materials to GOVJudicialAppointments@wisconsin.gov. Applications must be submitted by 8 a.m. on Mon., Oct. 19.

The application to apply can be found on the “Apply to Serve” page on Gov. Evers’ website at www.evers.wi.gov.

Potential applicants with questions about the judicial selection process may contact the governor’s Office of Legal Counsel at 608.266.1212.