Letter: Evers’ new order ‘almost designed’ to target small businesses

To the Editor-

Gov. Tony Evers once again has the public believing that an executive order will make any difference in our state’s rising number of people infected with the coronavirus. 

Come on, Tony; if these worked, the last two would have worked. A third executive order limiting the number of people in one place at one time wouldn’t even be necessary. 

But if you read the most recent order carefully there’s a long list of exemptions: child care settings, schools, health care operations, religious events, political events, and state and several facilities.

The exemptions are so many they practically include everything expect small businesses! The order almost seems designed to target money-making entities. Local bars and restaurants are the lifeblood of many in Portage County—how are they supposed to survive this order? And how does such a lengthy list of exemptions do anything to stop the spread?

Roseanne Phile

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