Column: There is a storm coming; best be ready

If you close your eyes and quiet your mind for a minute, you can just tell that a storm is brewing, and it’s going to be a big one.

Go on now; best be ready for when it gets here.

It’s not a meteorological storm, but a political one. Look around you and watch the dark clouds swirling overhead. The changes have been unmistakable. Our nation’s borders are wide open, spending is out of control, we are purposefully made to fear and give up our God-given liberties,  and the ugly specter of Marxism has been embraced by our “leaders.” Look; do you see it? A storm is coming.

Did you catch the recent Portage County Board of Supervisors meeting of the Executive Operations Committee? Over 100 citizens filled the Annex building to speak in support of saving our Constitutional rights and supporting a resolution reaffirming our county’s commitment to respecting those rights and vowing not to work to infringe upon them.

The 7:30 a.m. meeting, usually very sparsely attended only by the committee members and a few staff, was a wake-up call to our elected officials. We have had enough of tyranny, and demand liberty instead. Listen; do you hear it? A storm is coming.

People want to be heard. They are tired of the arrogance of our elected officials, who forget that we, the citizens of this great land, are the sovereigns. Tired of being dictated to, tired of accountability being dodged, and tired of the conceit that often comes with political power. So said the six dozen or so parents and others that turned out for the recent Stevens Point School Board meeting. They wanted the Board to hear their voices, but were not only denied the ability to address these elected officials, they were barred from the meeting altogether. 

While some argue that this is a violation of Wisconsin’s open meeting law, as well as a violation of the District’s own policy, but it was also the violation they felt by the Board’s condescension and disdain shown for the people. Remember what recently happened to the Wausau School Board after its members openly exposed their contempt for the voters? Elections are next April. Oh my, you can even smell it in the air. A storm is coming.

The stench of the dying legacy media has met the mindless excretion that is social media. There is little difference anymore. The big media outlets not only cover up the truth but lie to us as well. The institution of the Press, so valued by our founding fathers that they protected it in the Constitution, has lost its way. With few exceptions, we are spoon-fed the chosen narrative of woke socialism and told that if we do not toe the line, we will be defamed, canceled, and even physically attacked.

People are tired of being lied to. Tired of the same old rotten regurgitation and hyperbole, like Joe Biden’s recent address to Congress when he said that the Capitol Hill protest on January 6 was the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” Worse than 9/11, Pearl Harbor, or the many previous attacks on the Capitol by leftist groups? Absolutely ridiculous. An event where the only person killed was an unarmed Air Force veteran named Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by a still-unnamed security officer. But the lies and cover-ups persist. The media just eats it up and spits it back in our faces. Don’t justify your tyrannical overreach with lies built on more lies. The people are waking up, and don’t believe you anymore.

Wait—can you feel it? A storm is coming.

People are not taking it lying down anymore. They are peacefully showing up and speaking out. Our government at all levels needs to pay attention, or suffer from the political wrath of the impending storm. The silent majority is becoming silent no more. We can take back our community, our nation by sounding off, getting involved, and yes, voting. If you don’t vote for liberty and to save our way of life, honestly, you are part of the problem.

Our government must be reigned in, and it starts with term limits – at all levels. Support the efforts underway to do just that. Call for an Article V Convention of the States. Get control of our out-of-control government, and replace harmful local electeds with responsible and respectful representatives. It’s your government, so act like it. 

Be a part of the coming storm, and let’s meet in the opinion section to talk about all of it, boldly, unafraid, and with a healthy respect for each other. Until then, God bless.

Dan Kontos is a paid columnist for the Metro Wire. He chooses his own topics and his opinions do not necessarily represent the staff of the Metro Wire. He lives with his family in Whiting. 

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