‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign kicks off for summer season

Metro Wire Staff

Portage County Sheriff’s Office will join thousands of law enforcement agencies for this year’s Click It or Ticket seat belt campaign, one of the nation’s most important highway safety efforts.

The campaign operates from May 22 through June 4, a measure to reinforce one simple safety message: buckle up.

“Wisconsinites are anxious to resume their holiday traditions and that often includes a long weekend getaway or a day trip,” Sheriff Mike Lukas said in a press release. “With an increased number of cars flooding the roads for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, it’s vital that we get the word out about the importance of wearing a seat belt.”

Wisconsin’s primary seat belt law has been in place since 2009 and allows law enforcement to issue citations to motorists who aren’t wearing a seatbelt. Motorists can also be cited for every unbuckled passenger in their vehicle, with higher penalties for transporting unrestrained children.

Failure to fasten a seat belt is among the most common traffic violations in Wisconsin, resulting in more than 27,000 traffic convictions last year.

“We aren’t handing out tickets for the thrill of it,” Lukas said. “Wearing a seat belt is not only the law, it can save your life. If you know a friend or a family member who does not buckle up when they drive, please ask them to consider changing their habits. Seat belts save lives, and everyone — front seat and back, child and adult — needs to remember to buckle up every trip, no matter how long.”

For more information on the Click It or Ticket mobilization, go to www.nhtsa.gov/cio.