Whiting preps for 2021 street reconstruction

Metro Wire Staff

The village of Whiting will hold a public hearing on proposed street reconstruction projects scheduled for 2021.

During its 6 p.m. meeting on Jan. 26, the Public Works and Parks Committee will take public comment on the construction projects. New asphalt, curb, and swales are planned for Acorn St., Lynda Ln., Julie Ln., and April Ln.

Residents in those areas will need to move irrigation, plants, and parking areas, within the village right-of-way.

The committee will also hear an update from Utilities Director Nicholas Schmeiser on last month’s break-in at the wastewater treatment facility. Two teens, Keenan Alderman, 17, and a 15-year-old male co-defendant, whose name has not been released, scaled a chainlink fence outside of the facility on Dec. 13, stole a work truck, and ultimately crashed it into a tree on Jackson Ave. in the town of Plover.

The village lost a work truck valued at over $40,000 in the incident and sustained about $500 in damages to a yard gate.

The committee will also discuss the select timber-cutting and salvage operation being conducted at Upper Whiting Park.

The committee meets in the board room of the Whiting Municipal Center, 3600 Water St. The meeting is open to the public but masks are required.

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