SPASH releases students early following threat written in bathroom

Metro Wire Staff

Stevens Point Area Senior High released all students at 10:21 a.m. on Dec. 13 in response to a threat written on a bathroom wall on Friday.

Police were already present in the building, according to district officials, and officers are investigating.

It’s the fourth threat of violence in local schools since Dec. 5. Last week, a student threatened a shooting at Ben Franklin Jr. High, followed by two unrelated threats of violence against the school found in bathroom stalls on Thursday. As a precaution, the district canceled classes at the junior high on Dec. 13.

“Due to extreme caution and prudence SPASH will early release,” a message from Superintendent Craig Gerlach reads in part. “There is no indication that there are threats at any other school, however, we have requested increased police presence at all schools.”

Gerlach said he realizes it’s a frustrating situation but added more information would be released sometime on Friday.

Check back for updates.