The Stevens Point campus of Mid-State Technical College. (Metro Wire photo)

Mid-State announces fall 2023 Dean’s List

Metro Wire Staff

Mid-State Technical College has announced its Dean’s List for the fall 2023 semester.

Mid-State students are honored if they have enrolled in six or more credits and have earned a minimum grade point average of 3.75 during the semester.

The list is sorted by student’s city of residence and last name. Cities are in Wisconsin unless otherwise indicated.

Adams: Margaret Collins, Human Resources Assistant; Jordan Dolata, Business Management; Camryn Lamont, Business Management; Alexis Peterson, University Transfer-Associate of Arts.

Almond: Orion Kunst, IT Security Specialist; Terren Spranger, Business Management; Samuel Walters, Business Management.

Amery: Anna Powell, Early Childhood Education.

Amherst: Harrison Dubitz, IT Security Specialist; Jessica Hooper, Nursing; Annika Kildahl, Cosmetology; Jarrett Lucht, Criminal Justice-Studies; Elijah Robinson, Construction Trades; Paige Selbo, Automotive Maintenance Technician.

Amherst Junction: Chase Glodowski, Precision Machining Technician; Jake Hunger, Business Management; Daniel Plank, IT Network Specialist.

Antigo: Lisa Perry, Respiratory Therapy.

Arkdale: Christopher Cremeens, IT Software Developer; Wyhe Van, Early Childhood Education.

Arpin: Amanda Aschenbrenner, Nursing Assistant; Ashlyn Guldan, Early Childhood Education; Kaitlyn Kopelke, Business Management; Madison Korbal, Surgical Technologist; Kaycee Mccarthy, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Auburndale: Lynn Helmer, Welding; Celia Piesik, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Bancroft: Ella Winn, Business Management; Rayelynn Wojcik, Nursing Assistant.

Baraboo: Ashley Klang, Human Resources Assistant; Monica Littlegeorge, Hospitality Management.

Belgium: Jennifer Loesch, Medical Coder.

Black River Falls: Brianna Seiber, Cosmetology.

Chili: Samantha Schultz, Business Management; Caleb Winkel, Precision Machining Technician.

Colby: Skylar Leffel, Business Management.

Crandon: Jacinta West, Accounting.

Custer: Hannah Anderson, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Kimberly Borski, Project Management; Amanda Henfer, Business Management; Makenna Probyn, University Transfer-Associate of Science; Tanner Schude, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Lillian Webb, Precision Machining Technician; Charles Wilson, University Transfer-Associate of Arts.

Eau Claire: Carolyn Laumeyer, Health Information Management; Ahmed Saleh, Surgical Technologist.

Friendship: Kasey Cavanaugh, Early Childhood Education; Roger Fenn, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Aviana Kelly, Criminal Justice-Studies; Samantha Mckinney, Medical Assistant; Emma Miller, Nursing Assistant; Kurtis Miller, Accounting Assistant; Jonah Neevel, Digital Marketing; Stephanie Repta, Business Management; Brogynn Splinter, Business Management.

Green Bay: Elizabeth Hellweg, Early Childhood Education.

Hancock: Jonathan Conrad, Automotive Technician; Sydney Cooper, Nursing.

Hillsboro: James Ueeck, Business Management.

Iola: Krista Enoch, Business Management; Ella Gullixon, Cosmetology; Kenneth Johnson, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy.

Junction City: Emma Behnke, Business Management; Alysha Belker, Cosmetology; Jadyn Buckmaster, Nursing Assistant; Joshua Mathews, Precision Machining Technician.

Larsen: Abby Ruedinger, Nursing.

Las Vegas, Nev.: Kateryna Borovyk, Project Management.

Lowell: Andrew Dulin, Business Management.

Marshfield: McKenna Alboreo, Stainless Steel Welding; Oluwakemi Alonge, Nursing Assistant; Jessica Backus, Administrative Professional; Tanya Barth, Leadership Development; Brianna Bender, Nursing; Max Curtis, Nursing Assistant; Stephanie Dartt, Hospitality Management; Melina Deleske, Cosmetology; Saffron Dering, Business Management; David Florida, Accounting; Brianna Fredrickson, Surgical Technologist; Tanner Genett, Business Management; Reese Gribble, Business Management; Kaylyn Hocking, Nursing Assistant; Elizabeth Holford, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Amber Hollatz, Entrepreneurship; Lauren Homolka, Nursing Assistant; Matthew Irwin, Stainless Steel Welding; Makenna Johnson, Nursing; Michael Jones, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Steven Kelly, Construction Trades; Candice Kohlbeck, IT Software Developer; Christy Lang, Business Management; Polly Langfoss, Accounting; Kristin Litwaitis, Leadership Development; Kalynn Manicke, Nursing Assistant; Aunna Martin, Surgical Technologist; Janet Martinez, Surgical Technologist; Emma Oliver, Nursing; Hannah Olson, Surgical Technologist; Adela Ramos, Business Management; Zayden Schoolman, Nursing; Katelynn Seehafer, Surgical Technologist; Emily Snider, Accounting; Tammy Solberg, Accounting; Jacob Steinhoff, Respiratory Therapy; Amy Taylor, Health Information Management; Jasmin Tiro-Rodriguez, Nursing Assistant; Montanna Vopelak, Nursing; Marion Wilcox, Respiratory Therapy; Jaylee Williams, Accounting Assistant; Kristin Zdun, Accounting; Samuel Zugier, Digital Marketing.

Mauston: Mandi Kluge, Medical Coder; Melodie Parker, University Transfer-Associate of Science; III Thomsen, Manufacturing Operations Management.

McFarland: Megan Jansen, Nursing Assistant.

Merrill: Michaela Weik, Respiratory Therapy.

Milladore: Michael King, IT Network Specialist; Jayden Schmitt, Medical Assistant.

Mosinee: Melissa Hahn, Culinary Arts; Michele Krueger, Respiratory Therapy; Jayda Krzmarcik, Nursing; Benjamin Raczek, Construction Trades; Stephanie Radtke, Business Management; Danyel Stieve, Medical Coder.

Mukwonago: Wendy Zvara, Health Information Management.

Necedah: Agatha Bires, Cosmetology; Jose Gomez, Culinary Arts; Morgan Randall, Nursing.

Neillsville: Michael Byrne, Farm Operation; Quentin Fausett, Criminal Justice-Studies; Stone Johnson, Paramedic Technician; Vanesa Newman, Medical Assistant.

Nekoosa: Ryan Arnett, Respiratory Therapy; Ryan Bink, Criminal Justice-Studies; Maria Boggs, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Ashton Bredda, Business Management; Andrew Klumb, Accounting; Emma Levy, Digital Marketing; Tia Machon, Business Management; Shantel Masonick, Nursing; Allison Moma, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; David Naud, Automotive Technician; Alyssa Schladweiler, Business Management; Kelli Spees, University Transfer-Associate of Science; Lilly-Jo Stojak, Business Management; Dane Woods, Precision Machining Technician.

New Lisbon: Brittany Radavich, Nursing; Michael Tucker, IT Computer Support Specialist.

North Saint Paul, Minn.: Amor Tuttle, Nursing.

Oconto: Emilie Walk, Business Management.

Oxford: Alexis Lloyd, Phlebotomy Technician.

Pittsville: I Carlson, Health & Wellness Promotion; Evan Haley, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Installer; Emma Huber, Accounting; Aiden Kolar, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Lillian Opie, Accounting; Faith Peaslee, Hospitality Management; Christine Peters, Leadership Development; Benjamin Ruchti, Automotive Technician; Malorie Schooley, Accounting; Teri Weinfurter, Medical Assistant; Haylee Zawislan, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Plainfield: Morgan Anderson, Nursing Assistant; Brian Bauer, Criminal Justice-Studies; Emily Betro, Early Childhood Education; Jaeda Elizondo, Cosmetology; Skye Hopkins, Nursing Assistant; Garcia Juarez, Nail Technician; Faith LaBarge, Health & Wellness Promotion; Shae LaBarge, Health & Wellness Promotion; Skylar Wade, Nursing Assistant.

Plover: Dylan Beadle, Accounting; Caitlin Bedward, Business Management; Mitchell Bignell, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Morgan Breese, Digital Marketing; Chloe Celsor, Early Childhood Education; Hannah Clark, University Transfer-Associate of Science; Rose Coleman, Automotive Technician; Emily Corbin, Medical Coder; Madison DeBot, IT Software Developer; Ryan Doyle, Phlebotomy Technician; Alex Felckowski, Business Management; Sarah Fena, Accounting; Yvette Garcia, Cosmetology; Alyssa Gethers, Digital Marketing; Rebekah Gethers, Nursing; Maryann Grywacz, Accounting Assistant; Shanna Halsell, Health Information Management; Irelynn Hanley, Accounting; Derek Hart, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Jocelyn Harvey, Cosmetology; Jyles Kraeger, Automotive Technician; Karla Lopez, Cosmetology; Amy Meehan, Health & Wellness Promotion; Hayden Menadue, IT Security Specialist; Aubrey Moldenhauer, Hospitality Management; Teressa Morton, Barber Technologist; Riley Mras, Business Management; Audrey Mrozek, Phlebotomy Technician; Brittany Nelson, Digital Marketing; Emma Nelson, Business Management; Joah Peterson, IT Software Developer; Emma Pflugradt, Digital Marketing; Joe Quisler, IT Software Developer; Chayna Rodriguez, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Leo Smith, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Mission Tamang, Business Management; Pa Thao, Health & Wellness Promotion; Xia Thao, Nursing; Aaron Thorstad, Manufacturing Operations Management; Kimberly Torres, Cosmetology; Pamela Tracy, Medical Coder; Stacy Viau, Medical Coder; Rebecca Wickersham, Office Support Specialist.

Port Edwards: Maisie Cumberland, Nursing; Andrew Hepp, Business Management; Maranda Johnson, Welding; Austin Martinson, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Installer.

Reedsburg: Harley Parr, University Transfer-Associate of Arts.

Rib Lake: Emily Gojmerac, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Rosholt: Brooklyn Karch, Surgical Technologist; Rachel Kurszewski, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Angeline Richter, Early Childhood Education; Nicholas Wanta, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician.

Rothschild: Bridget Smith, Cosmetology; Paul Tlusty, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Installer; Lisa Verage, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Rudolph: Elizabeth Jensen, Medical Assistant; Aliesha Polinsky, University Transfer-Associate of Arts.

Spencer: Brandon Lenz, Criminal Justice-Studies; Alexis Lewis, Health Information Management; Marissa Lueth, Medical Assistant; Gerard Riordan, University Transfer-Associate of Science; Waylon Schultz, Accounting; Allen Thorne, Nursing.

Stevens Point: Skylar Alm, Early Childhood Education; DeShay Anderson, Cosmetology; Jessica Bateman, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Joshua Belt, IT Network Specialist; Allison Bena, Digital Marketing; Jayson Cain, Surgical Technologist; Wesley Calawerts, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Kaytia Castillo, Health & Wellness Promotion; Brooke Castro, Nursing; Austin Cavanaugh, Respiratory Therapy; Emily Cisewski, Business Management; Dylan Ciurro, Accounting; Traci Dean, Cosmetology; Alexus DuBois, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Casey Edlebeck, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Installer; Ryan Flowerette, Health & Wellness Promotion; Jennifer Foss, Accounting; Malerie Gaylord, Criminal Justice-Studies; Mackenzie Glodowski, Business Management; Cooper Gordon, Business Management; Larayne Hartleben, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Bethany Heath, University Transfer-Associate of Science; April Herman, Accounting Assistant; Leanne Hurlburt, Accounting Assistant; Justin Kempinger, IT Network Specialist; Henry Kerske, Precision Machining Technician; Cheyenne Kinney, Accounting; Katie Klaas, Nursing Assistant; Alexander Kleman-Smith, Criminal Justice-Studies; Jenna Koziol, Digital Marketing; Ethan Krawczyk, IT Security Specialist; Clayton Kubisiak, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Francis Kubowski, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Brianna Kurth, Nursing; Veronica Line, Phlebotomy Technician; Erin Mcdonagh, Health Information Management; Mollie Mckay, Business Management; Tyler Menadue, IT Security Specialist; Samuel Mijal, IT Network Specialist; Madison Mitsis, Respiratory Therapy; Alexandra Molski, Business Management; Mary Morgan, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Alexzandria Mowery, Accounting Assistant; Simon Murray, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Maddox Nelson, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Heidi Osborne, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Kristen Peltier, Entrepreneurship; Ian Poeske, Business Management; Jared Polum, Construction Trades; GraceLyn Potocki, Early Childhood Education; Codie Retzlaff, Criminal Justice-Studies; Jackson Riddle, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Megan Roberts, Accounting; Jaren Rohde, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Lindsea Ruiz, Business Management; Anna Rzentkowski, Early Childhood Education; Samuel Schmitz, IT Software Developer; Catherine Schulz, Business Management; Dean Shaffer, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Jordan Shostak, IT Software Developer; Tanya Smith, Accounting Assistant; Teresa Story, Nursing; Olivia Stroik, Nursing; Lindsey Tate, Human Resources Assistant; Aaron Taylor, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Order Van, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Der Vang, Nail Technician; Seng Vang, Business Management; Kacey Vicker, Business Management; Rebecca Wachowiak, Administrative Professional; Chad Waltenberg, IT Software Developer; Kylie Wilson, Early Childhood Education; India Worley, Respiratory Therapy; Alexis Zdroik, Arborist Technician; Noah Zdroik, Automotive Maintenance Technician.

Stratford: Kevin Bornbach, Accounting; Amber Sanders, University Transfer-Associate of Science; Chelsa Veers, Surgical Technologist.

Vesper: Pamela Brooks, Accounting; Kallee Dhein, Business Management; Cyanne Kube-Smith, Culinary Arts; Patience Pecher, Nursing.

Warrens: Kristiann Vargas, Nursing.

Waupaca: Jamie Bestul, Automotive Technician; Mary Ganzel, IT Software Developer; Caleb Mullet, Precision Machining Technician; Jennifer Velazquez, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Wausau: Holly Moeller, Health Information Management; Sierra Moeller, Health & Wellness Promotion; Kasha Oelke, Health Information Management; Joseph Pichla, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Installer; Brianna Sparr, Respiratory Therapy.

Wild Rose: Amber Smith, Surgical Technologist.

Wisconsin Rapids: Justin Allison, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Jacob Arndt, IT Computer Support Specialist; Tanya Barcenas, Medical Coder; Michael Bender, Accounting; Kaydance Bikowski, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Joshua Black, University Transfer-Associate of Science; Isis Brainard, Business Management; Jessica Capogreca, Nursing; Sidney Christensen, Nail Technician; Samantha Christianson, Accounting; Samantha Ciszewski, Surgical Technology; Quentin Condie, Automotive Technician; Mycaela Damrau, Accounting; Connor Davidson, Business Management; Heather Doering, Accounting; Taylor Dvoran, Business Management; Sierra Ellingson, Digital Marketing Promotions; Morgan Elliott, Nursing; Paetynn Fink, Digital Marketing; Cheyanne Finup, Human Resources Assistant; Trinity Fischer, IT Network Specialist; Kelsey Fox, Accounting; Maisee Glinski, Business Management; Alyssa Gollon, Health & Wellness Promotion; Melissa Graef, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Amber Guyer, Medical Assistant; Dylan Haegerl, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Chelsea Hale, Accounting; Samantha Hanley, Nursing; Courtney Hattery, Barber Technologist; Trinadee Hernandez-Stoflet, Accounting; Angelia Hill, Food Service Assistant; Travis Hofer, Accounting; Larry Isensee, Agribusiness Science & Technology; Aimee Johnson, Health Information Management; Andrew Johnson, Accounting; Quintin Kauffman, IT Security Specialist; Kolton Kessler, Criminal Justice-Studies; Ger Khang, Business Management; Pa Khang, Cosmetology; Amber Kitowski, Business Management; Branden Koch, Precision Machining Technician; Alexis Krug, Digital Marketing; Russell Kuhn, Business Management; Vake La, IT Security Specialist; Trenton Larson, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Molly Lee, Administrative Professional; Jessica Leow, Business Management; Leeanna Lindner, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Kacie Marth, Culinary Arts; Alexa Matthews, Criminal Justice-Studies; Alivia Meshak, Accounting; Theresa Michalsen, Nursing; Jason Murgallis, IT Security Specialist; Austin Murphy, Entrepreneurship; Mat Neidlein, Business Management; Haili Nelson, Medical Assistant; Andie Netz, Early Childhood Education; Jess Oczachowski, Business Management; Nolan Olsen, Business Management; Riley Ort, University Transfer-Associate of Science; Mariah Ortiz, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Jada Panko, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Lacey Peck, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Jasmine Pleet, Business Management; Tiffany Quinnell, Nursing; Tesa Reifschneider, Medical Assistant; Kaitlyn Reinwand, Business Management; Jessica Richards, Early Childhood Education; Dmitri Roach, Firefighter Technician; Noelle Rozner, Business Management; Cheyanne Sampson, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Vincent Santilli, IT Security Specialist; Charity Sari, Health Information Management; Kylie Schleisner, Business Management; Amber Schoenick, Accounting; Adam Schraeder, Accounting; Arnie Schraeder, Construction Trades; Kristi Skelton, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Hannah Solner, Digital Marketing Promotions; Yingpao Thao, Health & Wellness Promotion; Heather Thierer, Nursing; Dolorosa Thomas, Criminal Justice-Studies; Juan Torres, Barber Technologist; Gabriella Turner, Business Management; Melissa Vang, Cosmetology; Seng Vang, Barber Technologist; Raice Wallner, Precision Machining Technician; Molly Wenzel, Precision Machining Technician; Krista Williams, Cosmetology; Ryan Worzella, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Cora Zwicke, Business Management.

Wittenberg: Kailei Mlodik, Surgical Technologist.

City Unknown: Trevor Bessette, University Transfer-Associate of Arts; Tanya Wilson, Business Management.