Letter: School district’s plan for diversity coordinator instills victimhood, racism

To the Editor-

I’m writing to you regarding the vote at the next school board meeting regarding the diversity/inclusion officer. I have many issues with this.

First, how is telling any child that just because they are born with white skin they think they’re better than a child with brown, black, yellow, or other skin color?

Second, do you really think that teaching this is going to make the “racism” problem go away?

Third, I can foresee children using this as a tool to get away with things: “Can’t blame me, I’m black/Hispanic/Asian” or “blame the (white) kid.”

You do realize that this is 2021, and this school district is promoting 1950s racial discrimination and hatred, right?

You see, I’m a mother of six: five white/Puerto Rican, and a “biracial” child.

Most people see 5 white and 1 “black”.

You know what I see?

Children. Children who have NEVER questioned why their baby brother has tanner skin. Children who never questioned why their baby brother had beautiful, tight, curly locks of hair. Children who have never ever questioned a thing about their baby brother. Why? BECAUSE THEY WERE BORN TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER and DO NOT see color. You and the school board may scream RACISM at that last line. Why? Because I mentioned color.

However, it’s far from being a racial comment. They see beauty, they see intelligence, they see love, opportunities, happiness. Color of skin does not cripple those attributes.

They will NEVER be allowed to.

And my baby boy, will NEVER be allowed to play victim because of the color of his skin.

I have taught and will continue to teach, my children the correct history—of which I was taught in school before the liberal indoctrination started.

No one who is living has ever owned a slave, in fact, there have been generations that haven’t. Ever since the Republicans abolished it.

For this district to attempt to continue a liberal Democratic indoctrination agenda is disgusting, appalling, and absolutely asinine.

How about we celebrate and teach our children about everyone’s culture, differences, similarities, etc. How dare you try to belittle children with oppression and supposed privilege. In the world of reality, everyone is created equal, it is your choice to make your life successful or unsuccessful, and doing so NOT by the color of your skin.

Over this last year, pulling one of my children from the indoctrination camp this district has run, and the fearmongering that has been displayed throughout, has been the absolute best decision I have made.

Craig Gerlach and the crooked school board are failing each and every one of our precious children in our city and surrounding communities. You, along with your nazi comrades should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.

Pushing your sick agenda and hurting our students—disgraceful. You’re all as useful as the fake president.

I am AGAINST having a “diversity” cop teach my and my friends’ children that they’re not good people because of their skin color.

Amanda Hintz
Stevens Point

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