Letter: pushing Stanley St. project is borderline harassment

To the Editor-

I have lived on Stanley St., AKA Highway 66, AKA State Road 66 since 1984.

I have seen it go from a two-lane road to a four-lane road. I have seen traffic increase immensely due to commercial and office growth. To downgrade to a two- or three-lane roadway is going backwards, according to my math!

Why doesn’t our opinion matter? Why are council members in favor of this still pushing for this when the residents don’t want or need this? Why? Why? I vote…I pay taxes on time (though higher this year than I feel is fair). My husband has the nicest yard on the block. We are law-abiding citizens. Doesn’t our opinion matter?

This is bordering on “harassment” by a few council members who don’t live on this street. There are plenty of bicycle alternatives that are far more attractive than Stanley Street.

Diane Ostrowski
Concerned Stanley St. resident

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