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Letter: District 2 candidate makes last-minute argument

To the Editor-

Ms. Guthrie’s top goal is to “refresh” Stanley Street by saturating it with coffee shops.

It’s almost all private residences and established businesses. Where’s she going to put them? Uproot those residents and increase the housing shortage?

Then she wants to prepare us for projected climate changes. Admirable. I’ve talked about taking care of our planet long before she did. But she talks like she’s running for Congress, using buzz phrases like “reduce our carbon footprint” to appease her party’s constituency. Yet she never mentioned the first step we should take right here in Stevens Point — having the council put together a Climate Action Plan.  

And no mention of the biggest concern I heard from the people of the District — the increase in property taxes, especially for people on a fixed income. As a CPA, it will be one of my first items.

I also notice, with Ms. Guthrie, everything is “thriving.” She even thrived in high school, whatever that means. I worked after school. She says our economy is thriving. Has she been downtown? There’s more needed there than just reciting the Shopko Redevelopment Project. Like ideas to help the businesses around the square and the homeless situation, which I have discussed. And she wants two lanes for the business portions of Business 51, like the rest of the council. She really thinks less traffic will make those businesses along Business 51 “thrive?” That “vitriol” she talks about is the result of the people who actually live and work on Stanley Street, Business 51, etc., resenting being run over by the council’s agenda.

Not affected? Wait.

As Ms. Guthrie said, she found out Mr. Shorr was no longer running and saw opportunity, a next step in her career. She works where he does, her party needed a candidate and has funded her campaign.  Are these reasons to be elected? I’m independent. My only commitment is to you.

I’m running because I want to see the people of this city listened to. You can’t build a better community if you don’t work with the people who live here. The first two items on my handout were to: (1) Establish regular office hours so you have a place to go if you have a problem, and, (2) ensure you’re actually listened to if you go before the council.

I’ve lived here for 48 years versus her two and, as a financial planner, I’ve listened to and worked with people to resolve their problems for 33 years. And that’s what I will strive to do for the people of District 2.

Let’s start electing people who will listen and support the people of Stevens Point, not party members who follow their own agenda and work against them.

Craig R. Tesch
Stevens Point