Police and firefighters were called to Erberts & Gerberts, 812 Main St., twice on March 18. (Metro Wire photo)

False alarm triggers back-to-back calls at Erberts & Gerberts

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By Brandi Makuski

City police and firefighters were called to a downtown eatery twice on Monday after a caller reported a light haze in the building.

Crews from SPFD were called to Erberts & Gerberts, 812 Main St., at 8:26 a.m. and again at 9:09 on March 18, when a caller reported the haze and “an odor” in the building.

“When we got here, we found nothing; it was clear as day, no odor, so we investigated and found nothing hot, no problems with the electricity,” Lt. Ron Heibler from SPFD said during the first call.

Heibler added there were several apartments upstairs from the business, and while firefighters could not access the residential area, there was no sign of a fire.

Crews were called back about 40 minutes later for the same concern. After more investigation, crews found a “dirty furnace” connected to the upstairs rental units, and confirmed that the property owner had contacted a local HVAC company to correct the problem.