(Courtesy WisDNR)

DNR launches new asbestos search tool

Metro Wire Staff

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Air Management Program has released a new tool to allow the public to search asbestos notifications and inspection reports.

The search tool, found on the DNR’s website, is available 24 hours per day allowing customers the ability to search at their own convenience eliminating the need to request records during DNR business hours.

“This user-friendly search tool provides the option to search the DNR’s asbestos records at any time,” said Gail Good, DNR Air Management Program Director. “It is another way we can provide transparency and greater access to DNR records.”

Customers can search for submitted asbestos notifications by notification number, address, contractor and submission dates. Results of the search are downloadable, and associated documents can be downloaded as a zip file.

The system is real-time and up-to-date and reflects all records in DNR possession. The new search tool and more information is available on the DNR’s Asbestos Removal and Notification website, under the “Asbestos Notification Search” tab.

For assistance with the new search application, contact [email protected].