Malorie Paine. (Contributed)

Plover Area Convention and Visitors Bureau launches new website

By Brandi Makuski

Plover — The Plover Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (PACVB) debuted its revamped website on May 9, aiming to entice visitors to explore the charms of Plover.

The website, now live at comeovertoplover.com, serves as a comprehensive digital gateway, offering visitors a seamless journey into the heart of the Plover area.

According to PACVB Executive Director Malorie Paine, the new website promises to transform visitors’ interactions, bringing the essence of the Plover area to life.

“I’ve been waiting for this launch for weeks now,” Paine said, adding that the new website will “completely transform” the user interaction. “Our website has life to it, and it really captures the heartbeat of the Plover area.”

The website provides connections between visitors and residents with the myriad attractions, dining options, and accommodations in the Plover area, Paine added.

Partnering with Simpleview, a leading tourism software company specializing in CRM and CMS systems, PACVB aimed to create not just a website but a digital experience for visitors.

“Simpleview has delivered more than a website; they have delivered a digital experience for our visitors,” Paine said. “You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and our new website will do that perfectly.”

Featuring user-friendly features and captivating content, the platform aims to redefine the way travelers explore and experience the Plover Area.

“We’re not just focused on visitors,” Paine emphasized. “We want our website to be used by locals to discover new things to do in the area, be inspired to get out and explore trails they haven’t been on before, find a new restaurant they love or attend an event they may not have otherwise known about.”

Key highlights of the website include an interactive trip planner, up-to-date events and activities, and local insights and insider tips, offering a personalized experience for every visitor, Paine said.