District 10 residents, here’s your chance to serve

Metro Wire Staff

The Stevens Point City Clerk is now accepting applications for District 10.

The role had been filled by Mike Phillips, who served as alderman continuously since 2004 until he resigned at the end of October. Phillips’ term expires next April.

The seat is up for election on April 7. A duly elected candidate from District 10 will take office on April 20.

Anyone interested in the position will need to fill out a Declaration of Candidacy for Appointment by the Common Council. Candidates should also provide any additional information, such as a letter of interest, resume, references, or other materials that may help the Stevens Point City Council select an appointee.

The Declaration of Candidacy can be picked up at the city clerk’s office, or downloaded from the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission website. Forms must be returned to the clerk’s office during normal business hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m, Monday through Friday, on or before Dec. 6.

The District 10 appointee will be chosen during next month’s regular council meeting on Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. Candidates will be given five minutes for a brief presentation, then will answer questions from the council.

Following the question-and-answer period, council members will vote on their choice for District 10 representative.

City council members are paid $5,300 annually and are expected to attend monthly council meetings, and serve on various committees.

The city clerk’s office is located at 1515 Strongs Ave.