DelGreco pulls out of District 3 race

By Brandi Makuski

Though her name will still appear on the April 2 ballot, District 3 candidate Amelia DelGreco is no longer running an active campaign.

DelGreco, 27, can’t officially withdraw from the race, according to City Clerk Paul Piotrowski, because the ballots have already been printed.

“She emailed my office Friday night indicating there was a health issue in the family,” Piotrowski said on Monday. “She will not be running for office.”

Piotrowski said he advised DelGreco to send a press release to local media announcing her decision. While no press release has yet been sent to the media, DelGreco did confirm the news Monday night.

“I am not actively campaigning due to personal reasons,” she said by email.

DelGreco has been an occasional attendee at city meetings since announcing her candidacy in December with a promise to “fully represent all the constituents in my district”.

“District 3 has college students and older families, so I don’t necessarily think the entire demographic of the area is represented fully at this point,” she said in her first interview with the Metro Wire. “I want to make sure the people of my district are honestly heard.”

DelGreco was the only challenger to file a campaign for the city’s 3rd District seat against incumbent Cindy Nebel.