Marc Christianson was elected to his second term as Council President on April 16. (Metro Wire photo)

City seats leadership, new committee appointments, during uneventful Reorg

By Brandi Makuski

The Stevens Point Common Council has reconfirmed its president following a six-minute special meeting on April 16.

Following each municipal election in April, city government undergoes a reorganization, known informally at City Hall as “the Reorg,” wherein the mayor appoints new and returning Council members to each of the city’s standing committees, as well as other boards and commissions, pending approval of the full City Council.

The Council also elects a president each year, a position that fills in for the mayor, should he be absent or on leave.

Marc Christianson (D1) was the sole nominee for Council President and won unanimously, though Jacqui Guthrie (D2) and Dean Shuda (D8) were absent.

All of the appointments were unanimous. Under state law, the city’s Board of Public Works appointments must wait until the first Tuesday in May

Committee appointments follow:

Board of Public Works

Mayor Mike Wiza – Recommended Chair
Chris Tiffany
Mary Kneebone
Shaun Morrow 
Ginger Keymer
Dean Shuda
Dustin Buse

Finance Committee

Marc Christianson – Chair
Shaun Morrow – Vice Chair
Dean Shuda
Ginger Keymer
Lara Broderick

Personnel Committee

Mary Kneebone – Recommended Chair
Sam Lang
Jacqui Guthrie
Lara Broderick – Vice Chair
Dale Steinmetz

Public Policy Committee

Ginger Keymer – Chair
Sam Lang
Dale Steinmetz
Allison Birr – Vice Chair
Dustin Buse

Board and Commission appointments

Administrative Appeals Board
Ald. Ginger Keymer [email protected] 
Ald. Mary Kneebone [email protected]
Ald. Dean Shuda [email protected]
Affirmative Action Fair Housing Commission
Ald. Jacqui Guthrie
Airport Commission
Anna Haines [email protected]
Bicycle-Pedestrian Street Safety Commission
Ald. Jacqui Guthrie [email protected]
Lawrence Leviton [email protected]
Karalyn Peterson
Board of Park Commissioners (Terms begin First Monday in May)

Ald. Ginger Keymer [email protected] 
Ald. Lara Broderick [email protected]
Ald. Dustin Buse [email protected]
Shaun Przybylski [email protected]
Wayne Sorenson [email protected]
Liz McDonald [email protected]

Board of Review
Fred Steffen [email protected]
Deer Management Committee
John Okonek, [email protected]
Mike Bialas 
Jon Greendeer [email protected]
Historic Preservation/Design Review Commission
Barry Calnan
Carol Molepske (Alt #1)
Library Board Liaison 
Ald. Sam Lang [email protected]
Local Emergency Planning Commission
Justin Malin
Municipal Court Oversight Committee
Mayor Wiza
Ald. Shaun Morrow [email protected]
Ald. Jacqui Guthrie [email protected]
City Plan Commission
Mayor Mike Wiza, Chair [email protected] 
Ald. Mary Kneebone [email protected]
Doug Miskowiak [email protected]
Matthew Rice [email protected]
Police and Fire Commission

Jason Behrendt [email protected]
Ald. Mary Kneebone [email protected]

Solid Waste Management Board (Term expires the Monday before the third Tuesday in April)
Mayor Mike Wiza
Tourism Commission
Tom Schrader [email protected]
Mike Disher [email protected]
Michelle Sedlak [email protected]
*Parks President or Appointee 
Carie Winn [email protected]
Transportation Commission
Ald. Dean Shuda [email protected]
Ald. Allison Birr [email protected]
Nichole Lysne [email protected]
Weed Commissioner
Mark Kordus
Zoning Board of Appeals
Gracia Day [email protected]
Lynn Markham