YMCA launches free ‘Strong Challenge’

Metro Wire Staff

The Stevens Point Area YMCA is launching a special 30-day challenge to improve community health, inside and out.

YMCA facilities across the country will begin a STRONG Challenge on Oct. 18. Free to the entire community, the challenge helps people strengthen their physical, mental, and spiritual health through activities that build healthy habits.

Participants will receive four text messages each week with challenges, fun content, and other ways to become stronger, according to a news release from the YMCA.

Participants should have a goal of being active for 150 minutes each week and will have access to free virtual and On-Demand content including workout routines, classes, accountability groups, recipes, nutritional advice, playlists, meditation series, and more.

Participants will need to register by texting STRONG to 844-889-6222 or going to https://stronglife.org.

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