Wiza continues ‘Paint the Plow’ for second year

By Patrick Lynn

Mayor Mike Wiza announced on Tuesday the second annual Paint the Plow kickoff.

Working with five local elementary schools, Wiza, and the city’s streets department, are encouraging students to become more involved with the inner-workings of city infrastructure by painting colorful designs on some of the city’s snow plow blades.

The idea was suggested last winter by Assistant Superintendent of Streets Luke Kronstedt, who, along with Wiza, brought together the public school district and Franks Do It Best Hardware, 5444 Hwy. 10 East, to spruce up some of the city’s implements.

According to a news release from Wiza’s office, $500 in donations from an undisclosed source would be used for purchasing the paint from Frank’s Do It Best. The blades will be covered in a clear coating so the paint will last “as long as possible during the plowing season,” the news release reads.

The plows will operate in each of the respective school’s neighborhoods, Wiza said in his release, so students and families can enjoy their artwork. The plows will also be featured in the downtown Christmas parade.

“Last year was a huge success and we were able to get dozens of kids involved,” Wiza said. “We had some very creative designs last year and this year should be even better.”

Students from Madison, Jefferson, McKinley, Washington, and Bannach elementary schools are participating this year. The blades will be dropped off at each school sometime next week, Wiza said, and should be done by the end of September.

“The schools have been wonderful to work with,” Kronstedt said. “We might not be able to do this without all of the community support.”

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